Solutions for men facing burnout, anxiety or personal crisis.

Men are expected to be all things to all people…

The breadwinner. The hero. The super-dad. The loving partner. The guy who never lets anyone down.

That’s a lot of pressure, right? Enough to make you question if you’re up to it? Or perhaps…

Your life lacks purpose, direction and drive
Cracks are showing in your relationship and you can’t do anything right
You’re numbing pain and stress with alcohol and shutting everyone out
You’re stuck in a career that doesn’t challenge you with no idea how to change it
You’re keeping secrets
You’ve given up on the people and the things that gave your life meaning

Most men won’t talk about their problems – until it reaches crisis point.

Keeping feelings locked away and hoping to fix it by yourself can lead to destructive behaviour, relationship breakdowns, loss of confidence and low self-worth. 

But you don’t have to battle it alone.

The strength you need is already in you.

You just need the right tools to access it.

Portrait of Fiona Ross of Coaching for Men

That’s where I come in.

My background in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming gives me a unique edge when it comes to coaching and supporting men.

When life feels like it’s falling apart, you’ve lost control and with it your confidence and sense of identity, I can provide you with the tools and practical framework you need to take action and regain control.

But why work with a woman?

My clients tell me that working with me is like spending time with a trusted friend, but with one important difference – they can tell their innermost fears and frustrations without fear of judgement or negative implications.

Don’t believe me? Let’s talk.

Discover the practical framework and tools that’ll enable you to...

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Build a life, career and relationship you love.

Coaching for individuals

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Empower the men in your workplace to realise their potential.

Coaching for teams

The Ultimate Happiness Toolkit for men

Download the Ultimate Happiness Toolkit now.

What the guys say…

“As a sufferer of anxiety and depression, Fiona helped me regain control, perspective, balance and build a positive rounded mindset. Fiona clearly cares for her clients.”


“I felt unmotivated and drained. Lacked passion and direction. Now Life is an adventure and I have the confidence to tackle any task or situation.”


“Fiona has fundamentally changed my behaviour. I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone, particularly the skeptical.”


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