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Masculinity isn’t a dirty word. Being a man is something to be proud of. 

The world has changed. Whether it’s career or relationships, women are starting to get the support they need to thrive.

But who’s looking out for the men? 

If you’re struggling to find where you fit in…
If you’re lacking intimacy and connection…
If you’re experiencing anxiety or self-doubt…
If you’re stuck in a cycle of bad habits or destructive behaviour…
If you’re feeling your life, career or relationships are falling apart…

I’ve got your back. 

Men commuting to work in busy train carriage

With the right tools and a practical framework, you can get back to being the man you want to be.

As a coach, trainer and clinical hypnotherapist with over ten years experience, I specialise in supporting guys to embrace change and rekindle their masculinity – and in the process create the life, career and relationships they dream of.

Men's personal leadership coach Fiona Ross coaching her client

But what would a woman know about being a man?

It’s a fair question – after all, I’m clearly not a guy.

Growing up in a family where I was the only girl, I’ve always felt comfortable in amongst the guys and, over the years as a coach and hypnotherapist trainer, I discovered a natural talent for supporting men to create real change in their lives.

Eventually it became my specialty.

My clients tell me that, talking to me is like talking to a trusted friend, but with one important difference – they can tell me their innermost secrets, fears and frustrations without fear of ridicule or judgement.

With me as your coach, you’ll see how, when working together, the masculine and the feminine create one unbeatable team and most importantly, I’ll provide you with the tools you need to find the confidence, purpose and strength you desire.

Discover the practical framework and tools that’ll enable you to...

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Build a life, career and relationship you love.

Coaching for individuals

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Empower the men in your workplace to realise their potential.

Coaching for teams


Emotion Lotion

Want a better work-life balance? Want to enjoy more time and live every day of your life? Are you looking to succeed with practical psychology? Then my book ‘Emotion Lotion’ provides a simple guide to mental hygiene and retaining your sanity.

What the guys say…

“Working with Fiona has given me a self-confidence which comes from within. You will get out of it what you put in – it was the best investment in myself I have ever made.”
“Fiona’s approach was perfect for me and I genuinely came out of every session feeling empowered, confident and positive; every time.”

H. T.

“Fiona has enabled me to develop a toolkit to see life through a filter of positivity and happiness,  breaking through many traits of mine that have over the years have held me back.”

D. K.

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