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Masculine Archetypes for Personal Leadership

The Power of the Masculine Archetypes

For generations, the only way to be a man was to lead through patriarchal norms. Men had to be tough, strong and never show vulnerability. It was the only way to be taken seriously and get results in the world – and it’s not working anymore.

It’s leading men to stress, burnout, anxiety, mental illness and even suicide! I call this the power of the Conqueror.

So if being the Conqueror isn’t the answer, what is?

The world needs men to step into a different kind of power –  

Times have changed and a new kind of masculine power is available so the world can have the kind of leaders it needs now!

And it starts with every man embracing an equitable inner leadership based on a balanced, kind, masculinity. Men leading by example, living a fulfilling life and leaving a legacy that will support their children and grandchildren for generations to come.

A power grounded in equity, not imbalance.
A power of co-operation, not coercion.
A power centred in self-mastery, not the mastery of others.

Few men have role models for this way of being, so the Masculine Archetypes serve as an inspiration and a guide.

I work with 6 Masculine Archetypes:

The King is a natural leader, comfortable in his role and certain of his place in the world. He epitomises grace and dignity. His commitment to his realm and the vision he holds for those in it sits at the centre of his leadership. Others are dedicated to his vision and will often sacrifice in the service of his ideals.

The Warrior is known for his commitment and fighting for justice. Like the legendary Samurai, he’s courageous, independent and quick to act. With raw energy and strength, he looks after his own and is admired for his dynamic and youthful approach and this can make him hard to keep up with.

The Hero is confident – he is balanced, and his inner strength and poise is what gives him a sense of calm and inner knowing. He is just, fair and is willing to help those who need support. He is courageous and yet able to be vulnerable at the same time and is regarded as a role model by his family, friends and community.

The Father is always available to provide a space of safety, warmth and solace and he is where we all go for solutions and guidance. He is patient and kind, fathering not just those he embraces as his children, but all children and the planet. He looks to bring out the best in others and tends to sacrifice his own needs for those he identifies as his family.

The Lover is known not just for his sensuality and sexuality, but for his enjoyment of emotion, feelings and the love of life itself. He is curious, creative and savours the exploration of his world through his five senses. He enjoys giving and receiving pleasure in all areas of his life.

The Sorcerer knows that magic and miracles happen. He feels connected with something bigger and outside of himself. He is able to bridge the seen and the unseen. Curiosity makes him innovative and transformative as he searches for information, wisdom and knowledge. He is a master of his skills and finds solace in his own company. His daily life is rich with ritual.

Through these Masculine Archetypes, you’ll find your strength and confidence coming from an authentic centre within yourself, enabling you to shed the bravado of the past. You’ll be taken seriously, without having to take yourself so seriously. You’ll achieve more and find calm happiness without burnout, stress or anxiety.

Some of the archetypes you’ll find easy and natural to express. They’ll be powerful and accessible and help you get the results you want.

And in some leadership and life challenges, you’ll find that the solutions you require are to be found within the qualities of your lesser expressed archetypes.

Understanding and utilising the Masculine Archetypes is about borrowing the traits and attributes of the relevant archetype in balance, to support you in situations that challenge you. They become characteristics and influences in your daily life and you can learn to embody all of them so you have easy access to them at any time. They provide a plethora of life enforcing leadership qualities that are available to you in all aspects of your life and relationships. The more you use them appropriately, the more uncomplicated and harmonious your life becomes.


What if real leadership is less about proving your strength to others and more about an inner wealth of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual strength to draw on?

Take the Power of the Masculine Archetype Quiz here and discover your unique archetype profile.


Fiona Ross, April 2021

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