Learning to Be Un-Offendable

How would you show up in the world if you were willing to offend?

I don’t mean willing to be offensive! I mean willing to stand in your shoes, be unapologetically who you are, hold your own and if somebody doesn’t like it, be ok with that. One of my inspiring mentors and coaches, Varian Brandon,  says “Offence is a self-inflicted wound!” We know we have a choice as to whether we want to be offended by someone’s words and actions. It’s up to us if we choose to be offended.

These are the words I wrote in response to the idea I am Un-Offendable.

I don’t worry if people don’t like me, it isn’t everyone. And hey! I don’t like everyone either! Do you?

I’m willing to put myself out there with my head above the parapet. Say what I believe and be prepared to be wrong. Be responsible and accountable.

I’m happy to shout from the rooftops, speak my truth and be seen unapologetically!

I am who I am.

I write eagerly about my stories, experiences, values, thoughts and desires and I tell it how it is – how I see it through my eyes and from where I stand.

I am proud of my accomplishments and not afraid of judgement.

I wear clothes that say yes to me.
I do new things, spend money on myself and feel my worth.

I’m curious about the things I don’t know, I seek out people who know more than I do and ask questions and listen.

It’s not just about my version of the world and I don’t insist I’m right or worry about being offended.

I am happy to hear yes or no.

I’ll show up in the capacity of who I am and risk losing approval,
and because of this, I create deep and inspiring connections.

I tap into my creativity, genius – my uniqueness and divine nature, all this can only be birthed in an atmosphere of freedom.

I am prepared to risk offence to maintain who I am.

Living life at 10/ 10 takes a 100% commitment to myself. A commitment that in the past was plagued by self-doubt, fear of rejection, lack of conviction and confidence at times.

And I am not alone! I don’t know any person who has not at some point censored themselves to keep the peace, fit in or feel they belong.

And the freedom that lies on the other side of learning to be un-offendable is more than than the regular understanding of freedom. It is the freedom of the self. The last bastion of the human condition, to have the CHOICE of who we are in the world!


Fiona Ross, March 2021


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