The Masculine Archetypes – Meet the King

In this month’s blog, we delve deeper into the Power of the Masculine Archetypes and take a closer look at how, within each archetype, we can find the secrets to a fair, equitable, and harmonious masculinity.

As a team of masculine models, these archetypes can show you answers as to why you may feel stressed or out of kilter, low in energy and missing out on opportunities, behaving badly or lacking self-control. And, they can show you your strengths. So I invite you to Meet the King.

Meet the King

Masculine Archetypes The King

The King is a natural leader, comfortable in his role and certain of his place in the world. He epitomises grace and dignity.

His commitment to his realm and the vision he holds for those in it sits at the centre of his leadership as a man.
He balances his natural desire to serve with his ability to receive and be served.
Perhaps he’s the most obvious leader, happy to be in charge and have the final say. Decision making is one of his skills.

He inspires loyalty, service and dedication from his team, community and family. And it’s not because he is King, but because of the power of the vision that he holds.

His unbiased guidance, sanction and clear boundaries create respect and loyalty.
The King enjoys nothing better than order and structure so he can hold a space for his vision to be created and his team will often work beyond their own limits to provide it.

As King, he’s comfortable being in command and he prioritises his own needs in order to be the leader of his realm and the people he serves.

Too much King energy

The overbearing King becomes a tyrant, creating drama and behaving badly.
He may be selfish, arrogant or narcissistic, thinking he really is the centre of the universe.

Driven by power, he is reluctant to share responsibility and he can be paranoid that his authority is being threatened and may lash out. He may exploit others for his own gain and can become corruptible.

Too little King energy

Little or no access to the King in balance will lead to an abdication of responsibility, letting others make the decisions and deferring judgment to his boss, father, wife, friend – anyone who will step in and take it!

He can be insecure and feel that people are out to get him. He has very few boundaries and often feels overlooked, walked over and rarely respected.

So what can you do to balance and harmonise the King in you?

  • Put together a playlist of music that makes you feel regal.
  • Walk, dance or move your body in the energy of the King.
  • Imagine the crown on your head and a robe around your shoulders.
  • Practice saying No – Voice it. Start low in a quiet whisper and get louder and more assertive and then decrease again to a whisper.
  • Find ways of communicating the boundaries that work for you, for example -“Thanks for the suggestion, but that’s not going to work for me, however, this is what I can do to help you.” Come up with a suggestion if appropriate.
  • Boundaries – start by writing an ideal list of areas you are no longer willing to give energy to. Choose one or two to start with this week and reclaim your space progressively in an ever-increasing reclamation of what’s yours (i.e. your energy and space).
  • As you get comfortable you can continue, step by step, putting your boundaries in place.

Take the Power of the Masculine Archetype Quiz here and discover your unique archetype profile. 

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 Fiona Ross, June  2021

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