The Masculine Archetypes – Meet the Lover

This month the archetype I want to introduce you to is that of The Lover!

The Lover is often a difficult archetype for men to embrace because it conjures up so many different aspects of love. Lover for another, self love, sex, and the love of life itself are all represented in this archetype.

So let’s take a close look at his strength, power and leadership qualities – and also what trips him up and holds him back.

Meet the Lover

The Lover Masculine Archetype

The Lover is known not just for his sensuality and sexuality, but for his joy of emotion, feelings and the love of life itself.

By nature he is curious, creative and savours the exploration of his world through his five senses. He enjoys giving and receiving pleasure in all areas of his life.

The Lover leads through invitation and recognition, he is magnetic and his requests are rarely denied.

His invitations hold the promise of something special and through his charm he’s able to tempt others to get involved both personally and professionally.

As a leader he shows his team heartfelt appreciation and he goes the extra mile to ensure they are looked after! He’s followed, simply, because people love him!

Too much Lover energy

With too much Lover energy a man can become addicted to the chase and adventure of love and pleasure!

This pursuit can literally rule him and he may “wander the world” eternally searching for that one love, that great connection or the experience that will make him feel truly alive.

He falls in love easily and wallows when left alone. He can be obsessive and jealous not just with people, but with his possessions too.

Too little Lover energy

When a man lacks lover energy you’ll see a man who doesn’t take care of himself!

Self care and self love is missing and this is often the root of his exhaustion. Life may seem grey and monotonous with very little bringing him joy.

He’s often a stickler for rules and discipline. He may have a low libido and, if he’s in a relationship, there will be a lack of intimacy and possible breakdown.

So what can you do to balance the Lover in in you?

It starts with self care, looking after yourself. 

  • Book a haircut
  • Throw away the clothes that have holes in them – yes even the socks!
  • Buy some new clothes, something you like, that suits you and you’re comfortable in. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Clean up your environment, start with the bedroom and make it “sensual” (pleasing to the senses). Does it have pleasant lighting and decor? Does it smell nice? Remove any clutter or things that shouldn’t be in the bedroom! (Yes, the motorbike engine on the top of the wardrobe shouldn’t be there!!!)
  • Make yourself a meal that you really love, set the table and eat slowly, savour it, enjoy every mouthful, put on some nice music, share it with someone you love.

These are just a few ideas – think of how you live life through your 5 senses!

Take the Power of the Masculine Archetype Quiz here and discover your unique archetype profile. 

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 Fiona Ross, September  2021

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