The Masculine Archetypes – Meet the Warrior

In April’s blog, I introduced you to the concept of the Power of the Masculine Archetypes and over the next months I’m going to introduce them individually to you, in detail. You’ll get to know: The Sorcerer – The King – The Warrior – The Lover – The Father and The Hero.

Each of these powerful archetypes holds within them the secrets to a fair, equitable and harmonious masculinity, a masculinity that will serve you, enable you to feel calm, open, decisive and connected.

You’ll find the answers to why, at times, you find yourself stressed, anxious or out of kilter, low in energy, behaving badly, missing opportunities, being overlooked, lacking self-control and so much more.


Meet the Warrior

Image of the Warrior from the Masculine Archetypes

The Warrior is known for his commitment and fighting for justice. Like the legendary Samurai, he’s courageous, independent and quick to act. With raw energy and strength, he looks after his own and is admired for his dynamic and youthful approach and this can make him hard to keep up with.

As a leader, the Warrior is dedicated, he’s focused on a vision and a cause, and you’ll often find him with his sleeves rolled up getting involved in getting things done.

When his mind is focused on the job, nothing can keep him from the path he seeks; he seizes opportunities, acts quickly and trusts his instinct. He has conviction and confidence in his actions and defends boundaries at all cost.

The Warrior will play just as hard as he will fight and enjoys nothing more than getting outside in nature, playing rough and tumble, being with the boys and having fun. Playing and watching team sports like football and rugby will satisfy a man in his Warrior energy.

However, if a man has too much Warrior energy he can be exhausting and exhausted! You’ll often find him working late at the office. Very competitive, he’ll be hard to keep up with, leaving very little room for meaning, for connection or for nurturing relationships.

Stress and Anxiety can be the downfall of the man with too much Warrior and he may sacrifice himself for the vision and cause.

On the other hand, if a man has too little Warrior energy he’ll often lack ambition and drive and finds himself feeling out of control, blaming everything and everyone around him, feeling powerless, he’ll complain but do nothing to change things.

He can be indecisive and when faced with an opportunity he may vacillate between options, often missing out.

Regret and depression is the downfall of the man with too little Warrior energy.

So what can you do to balance and harmonise the warrior in you?

  • Spend time outside in nature – get active.
  • See your mates (male friends)
  • Practice making decisions and seeing things through to completion.
  • Get involved with team activities
  • Have some fun
  • Balance your work and playtime.
  • Exercise and get fit

Make a playlist of songs that make you feel like a Warrior.

Or listen to this one…

Warrior Workout by Spotify
Have fun exploring the Power of the Warrior.

Take the Power of the Masculine Archetype Quiz here and discover your unique archetype profile. 

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 Fiona Ross, May  2021

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