What Could Windows XP & Football Have in Common?

Today’s world is a rapidly changing place and our old social systems, unconscious bias and unquestioned beliefs are not serving us anymore.


In October 2001 Microsoft launched Windows XP. And we all got so excited because we had this amazing operating system! And yes, for 2001 it was amazing – Now imagine for a moment you had to go back in time and your laptop runs Windows XP! – Yeah, right – it wouldn’t serve you. At best, it would be slow and clunky and would be outperformed by everything else.  At worst it wouldn’t work at all and with its firewall turned off by default it would be vulnerable to security issues.

Modern men have been brought up and socially educated by a system, just like XP, that is now out dated. The world has changed! And it’s my belief that much of the “inner programming” many men have grown up with is outdated and what is required is a major update!

Men need to be happy, fulfilled and valued.

Success on the inside is vital.

My research shows that many men are struggling in silence. They are keeping it all in, hiding their problems from the ones they love and desperately trying to fix it alone. They are suffering from stress, anxiety and Depression and are losing their mental equilibrium, their families, their wealth and themselves in the process.

The sad fact is…

Men only look for support when they are in crisis.

As one man I interviewed summed up, “I was in a burning house surrounded by crocodiles” before I was open enough to get help!”

Thank goodness men’s mental health is now on the agenda – Prince William along with The Football Association are making huge strides in encouraging men to talk about their feelings and start conversations about their mental health. We may even see the FA Cup Final renamed as The Heads Up FA Cup Final as a signal to the world that mental health really matters.. Listen to Prince William in conversation in That Peter Crouch Podcast 


Fiona Ross, August 2020

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