The Masculine Archetypes – Meet the Sorcerer

Do you ever look in awe at someone’s talent or skill and just wonder how they do it? Or notice the times in life when things happen and you feel like there was something other than you involved?

This week we take a look at the Masculine Archetype of the Sorcerer.

Meet the Sorcerer

Masculine Archetypes - Sorceror

If you have a balanced access to this powerful archetype you will be experiencing life from a sense of knowing and trust in something bigger than you.

The Sorcerer knows that magic and miracles happen, he believes and listens to his hunches and feels a connection to something bigger and outside of himself.


He is a visionary and his curiosity makes him innovative as he searches for information, wisdom and knowledge.

A man with a balanced sense of the Sorcerer will be a master at his chosen skill or technology and his family, friends and colleagues will be in awe of his ability and the “magic touch” he seems to so effortlessly possess.

Access to the Sorcerer is a vital aspect to “creating” his world, and his belief, wisdom and trust in the unseen, allows him to be a great manifester of his dreams.

Bringing a little magic to any occasion, the Sorcerer is a powerful leader. He is able to blend his team’s skills and personalities, knowing that the energetic relationship between them ultimately impacts the outcome.

Too much Sorcerer energy

Too much access to the Sorcerer and a man may deliberately hold back wisdom for his own personal gain rather than sharing his knowledge with others. He may manipulate others to get what he wants and can be cynical and detached from life. He may choose to observe and not participate and may find himself “adrift”, with no grounding in reality.

Too little Sorcerer energy

And with too little Sorcerer energy, life feels hard. He has no faith and must achieve everything through grit, determination and common sense. He’s unable to enjoy the magic of life, believing luck and synchronicity to be pure chance. Alternatively, he may like the lure of the spiritual life but wants to get there without all the inner work, meditation and reflection. 

So what can you do to enhance the Sorcerer in your life?

  • Spend some time daydreaming, conjuring up images of what you want to create in your life. You can then write them down, draw them or create a manifesting collage – get creative.
  • Listen to some guided meditations to create calmness within yourself. There are loads to be found on YouTube or in the App store.
  • Notice and trust your intuition and your hunches and your quiet inner voice, the one that whispers your truth to you.

Take the Power of the Masculine Archetype Quiz here and discover your unique archetype profile. 

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 Fiona Ross, July  2021

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